Mazda3 Near Athol MA

In this video I explain how to remove water from an engine that has flood damage. It is not a guarantee fix, but it’s an easy and cheap fix to get the water out of the engine.

6 thoughts on “Mazda3 Near Athol MA”

  1. Hey I washed my engine a couple of days and never start the car just let it like that in the cold and next morning I try crank it didn’t water was in the spark plugs car want to start but it doesn’t what can I do? It’s a BMW e90

  2. I have a flooded Chevy Cruze no water was see in the engine oil and it was super flooded. Do you think I have a good chance of saving this vehicle? It’s a a 2013 30k miles. Haven’t changed the oil yet going to start doing some basic maintenance just to be safe and there are so many electrical computers power steering ecu etc. Do you think the vehicle will even show me any codes with a ecu that got completely wet?

  3. My truck starts and starts sputtering, it won’t rev up at all, I have the gas pedal to the floor and then about 10 seconds it dies, any ideas?

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