Mazda MX5 Miata Near Boxborough MA

This got to be one the coolest old-school Kei cars there is. The SS is the ‘sports’ model and features a 36 PS, 356cc air-cooled 2-cyl engine, and is rear engined and rear wheel drive. Aside from the slightly more powerful engine over the standard R-2, it SS badges & trim, and also has splash guards mounted under the front bumper to keep those uppity puddles in check.

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39 thoughts on “Mazda MX5 Miata Near Boxborough MA”

  1. Nice R2! Indeed one of the coolest of them all and as an added bonus it is a real Wasabi car. 😉

    The first time I read something about the R2 was when I read a manga called Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest) where one of the main characters buys a Subaru R2 as her first ride. Being bummed out on the 32hp the other main character immediately installs a motorcycle engine which kind of propels the R2 into the stratosphere. Anyway, the translation did not include the make so it was called R2 all the time and the interwebs were hardly anything more than email and chat. So at first I thought it was a Fiat or Seat 600 and only a few years later I found out that it actually was a Subaru.

    QOTD: Can’t hear a thing as I got double glazing. 😉

  2. Cool little car that needs a little bit of body work! Like the hole in the top of the left roof pillar…Hehe.. The wheels look interesting too. I can hear the rain outside and the sound of Currawong birds.

  3. Love it. Completely over the top with those seats and splash guards.
    Btw the weather is improving here in Ireland as well. I switched the winter/snow tyres today back to the regular season ones.
    Qotd all I hear are empty promises and broken dreams.

  4. Coolest thing i hear outside my window is mad turbo sounds!!! But it makes me sad that i’m always too late to see what car is making them x) Sounds like it could be a subaru though

  5. I can hardly tell the dang dog always barks at it lol but lots of things at times like while I’m sleeping hammering nails, drills, buzz saws, cars. I hate my neighbors lol

  6. Thank’s !!!!
    “Subaru R-2 ss ”
    This’car’s my car 😀 !!!

    I get “subaru 360 custom” now.

    1966 production😄
    Unplayed prototype‼︎.

    very exciting!!!!

  7. A lot of cars passing by. Occasionally, I can hear the sound of a boxer rumble, or some sort of V8 passing by.

  8. Loving the channel here in the UK, keep up the good work! If you spot any interesting Eunos Roadster’s please upload 😉

  9. f18’s and v22 tilt rotors and airbus grizzly’s all day long! yes, i work in a city between two military airports, yikes!

  10. normally, nothing, i’m not in a noisy area, but if i’m lucky its the neighbours Porsche’s/Ferrari’s/Jaguar’s/Shelby’s etc. roaring up and down the hill. 

    p.s. I love this car but i wish someone would save it

  11. Always giving us awesome information about classic cars and always spotting incredible classic cars so day by day increases my admiration about wasabi videos and of course Mr. O’Grady take care and keep shining always.

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