Used Mazda Near Medfield MA

Guilford Transportation Industries GP39-2 B&M 366 works the Lowell Hill branch 10/1990, this job works out of Lawrence (MA) yard. Switching and street running. Video by Richard ‘Moose’ Ouellette. If you like our stuff, Please comment and/or subscribe!

16 thoughts on “Used Mazda Near Medfield MA”

  1. As always, great video! I love seeing these yester-year videos of old industrial railroading. I think I may have asked before, but where was that plastics manufacturer and who was the customer? Also, what is the street or avenue where the engine was street running? I’d love to look at a current aerial photo and see what it all looks like now.

  2. Someone told me its still in service….i’m not familiar with the area though. Should be able to follow the line it diverges just east of andover st. Craig

  3. The customers on this line are Sekisui Voltek who receive plastic pellets and Whittemore Company who receive process vermiculite and perlite

  4. I’ve scoped out this section in person but of course I’ve never seen a train there. Is it still active now? That would be a pretty cool sight to see!

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