Mazda MX5 Miata Near Orange MA

The third-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster came with a choice of two tops: a manual soft top and a power retractable hardtop, or PRHT. Now, for 2017, joining the fourth-generation manual soft top is what’s called the retractable fastback, or RF. Coincidentally, the fastback aspect is what is not retractable.

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16 thoughts on “Mazda MX5 Miata Near Orange MA”

  1. It’s very slow. Not good for highway driving as other cars will pass by it and the wind could take it away!

  2. My two cents?
    Sacrificing the full convertible experience is not worth it.
    Being completely out in the open in a bona fide roadster or convertible feels very different than being in a Targa top.
    The feeling of being semi-enclosed by conspicuous B pillars is just not the same.

  3. I agree with your opinion and yes, it did remind me of the Del Sol from Honda.  After driving a full hardtop convertible (a 2015 VW Eos), I would not be at all interested in this sort of design…btw, I would have bought a 2015 hardtop Miata (that was a full convertible) but in that year, no trim came with a GPS, while the discontinued Eos base trim not only came with one, but it had a $5000 credit off the sticker price since the model was no longer to be made.

  4. I want to worry about the colors I was just worried about the more features about the car because the way he sounds on YouTube I mean I’m not a big fan of Miata I was loved the car yes I have drove me out of before not the hardtop or soft top I don’t know it doesn’t sound to be fast it doesn’t even sound like seems to make it go any faster with words we’re talking about speak to not talking about safety features what colors so if you’re going to buy a sports car convertible you need speed traction control and not automatic full manual all the way I have nothing else to say the beautiful cars but don’t worry about the colors and if you really want to change the color go to Maaco and have it done the way you want it LOL

  5. I own one and love it. Fun and practical. No, its not a Porsche but at tens of thousands less you will enjoy every curve out there. It’s a thumbs up from passersby and a blast to drive kind of car. BUY IT!!!

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