Used Mazda Near Royalston MA

19 thoughts on “Used Mazda Near Royalston MA”

  1. @serama555 looking forward to it. love these colt start videos. /problem solving etc. and successful completions. and the obligatory happy dance when shes good to go

  2. @Steebod thats nice. some of us watch the whole video as well. :). those that JUST want teh startup part, will be glad to know this. not trying to be sarcastic by any means . its all good.

  3. mate cheack your your tank mahe sore there is no water in the tank and the lines now if u have check all off that and its sti;; doin if check the injeter pump and with diesie u need to bleed it up to the injeters

  4. Hey man thanks for the memories, I worked at mci for many years, made those fuel tanks from flat pieces of 1/8 aluminum, made almost every part on those busses, if I still worked there I’d be your klinger and get you parts….hahaha.

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