Mazda CX9 Near Stow MA

We finally get our hands on the new Pacifica. After many long years of dealing with the Caravan and Town and Country, FCA gives us a resurrection of the segment they invented. This aims to take back the crown from the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

0:00 – 0:58 Intro
0:58 – 3:15 Exterior Impressions
3:15 – 8:40 In the Shoppe with Turbowski
8:40 – 14:20 Driving Impressions
14:20 – 19:02 Interior Impressions
19:02 – 19:50 Final Thoughts

38 thoughts on “Mazda CX9 Near Stow MA”

  1. …Were you listening to a “Girls Farting Compilation” on the radio?

    And if so… where did you get it? 😀

  2. DUDE !!! You freaked the feces out of me with that comical “GAME OVER” editing during the acceleration test. I thought I was stroking out. I thought my mind snapped. Uggh….don’t scare me like that again. =)

  3. Great review. If my Mazda5 ever takes a crap, I will be picking up one of these. One question: I have never seen your reviews touch on safety features/ratings/crash test results – any reason why? Seems viewers, especially ones interested in family vehicles, would value your feedback on this.

  4. The quality and practicality you praised had far more to do with that 2.6 billion dollars R&D rather than a women being engineering lead. cheapening out the R&D funding always creates a sub par product while being generous with it creates a good end product regardless of what the people planning and designing the product look like.

  5. Thank you for showing the under belly of the vehicle and having a mechanic look it over. I live in Canada would that under belly covers hold up in the winter months?

  6. I’m debating the Hybrid. You lose stow and go for the middle row and also the 8th passenger seat, but it’ll use a ton less gas…

    Ontop of that, it’s rumored that next years model will have updated uconnect with CarPlay and Android Auto…

  7. This was my go to transport van when I worked as a porter at a Dodge dealership. Soccer mom yeah, but damn it’s a nice ass van.

  8. Ok the fact that you just used this video to insinuate that man are incapable of designing a car with such detail but woman turns this car review into a feminist view review I mean car companies don’t choose a designer for their Bender but for how creative they can be and how much they can aport to the project not for their gender which is stupid this is a stupid feminist video stupid

  9. Brilliant Review! just got a new Pacifica, Touring L Plus with 18 inch rims and Touring Suspension (the other option was an Odyssey)…it’s actually real fun to drive, has some good kick to it, seating is comfortable in every row…never thought I would own a minivan…but with the family growing I am so glad I got one. SavageGeese has by far some of the best automobile reviews ever! keep up the awesome work!

  10. 180kmi on my 05 Odyssey. Raised a family with it, used it for dog hauling, stuff hauling, moving, as well as hauling my entire kart racing setup to the track with it. 3.5L engine was bulletproof and plenty of power. Handling was on par with most sedans. I often tell people that minivans are the best all around and most practical vehicles on the road. If you look at the ‘big picture’ of your car ownership life, you’ll get it. Nice to see Chrysler did away with the monstrosity of direct injection which means that this might be a vehicle I’d consider buying used at some point.

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